Installation process of pig manure organic fertilizer production equipment in pig farm

Installation process of pig manure organic fertilizer production equipment in pig farm:

  1. Before installation, the floor plan and foundation diagram of the organic fertilizer production equipment should be used. Whether each installation size meets the required inspection requirements. If any, it should be repaired until the size is correct before installation.
  2. The installer should first understand the installation requirements of each organic fertilizer production equipment, and carry out construction in strict accordance with the technical requirements.
  3. The organic fertilizer production equipment may introduce deformation, damage or loss during the transportation process, so beforehand, check and accept the equipment according to the equipment details, and take corresponding measures to make the installation equipment reach the state before installing it.
  4. Before entering the installation site, each organic fertilizer production equipment shall be numbered, the process flow card and table shall be prepared, the installation process sequence shall be installed, and the equipment shall be transferred to the site for installation one by one.
  5. Installation sequence: from top to bottom, first connect the host device to the upper position, and then install the connecting pipes and electrical equipment.
  6. The necessary tools for installation: equipment and materials are available.
  7. After installation, the organic fertilizer production equipment has leaks, which can be silent, and all parts must be sealed, and there should be no leakage of powder or oil.
  8. The installation of electrical equipment should comply with the relevant regulations, and each circuit should be able to be realized, and there should be no leakage, electricity, wires and cables should be protected to prevent rats from biting.
  9. After all the installations are completed, each unit should be tested in an empty car, and the equipment can only support the test when the function is normal.
  10. Before the load test run, calibrate the electronic batching scale and packing scale, and the required accuracy is required.
  11. The load runs for 8 hours, and there is no fault and nothing to do with the factory for production and use.