Installation and construction of trough turning machine

The trough type turning machine is widely used in the fermentation and decomposing and removing moisture of organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants, gardening fields and Agaricus bisporus planting plants.

The trough turning machine is also known as the orbital turning machine, the small turning turning machine, the pig manure turning machine, etc. The trough turning machine includes a walking fermentation tank, a walking track, a power take-off device, a turning part and a turning device (also called a transfer car or a shift car, mainly used for multi-tank use).

The working part of the trough type turning machine adopts the drum drive, and there are two kinds of lifting type and non-lifting type. The liftable type is mainly used in the working situation where the width of the tank body does not exceed 5 meters and the depth of turning and throwing does not exceed 1.3 meters. The bearing seat of the trough type turning machine device is fixedly connected to the turning frame, and the two main shafts are fixedly connected to the bearing seat.

Tank fermentation generally builds a partition wall on the cement floor, lays a guide rail on the top of the partition wall, and the turner walks on the guide rail, and is equipped with a rail changing mechanism, and the turner can be moved from one tank to another. The depth of the grooves ranges from 0.7m to 2.5m, and some are covered with ventilation pipes on the grass to increase ventilation. The trough fermentation turner has the advantages of large processing capacity, small footprint, simple operation, and unmanned driving. It is especially suitable for enterprises that require sealing treatment and environmental control.

The trough turning machine can not only mix the livestock and poultry manure and bacteria evenly, but also smash the agglomerates in the fermentation material to increase the air permeability.

The trough turning machine intelligently and automatically controls the turning process of the fermentation materials. Under the action of the vertical and horizontal walking mechanisms, the vertical lifting mechanism digs up the fermentation materials from the bottom of the pool and lifts them to the horizontal conveying mechanism to turn the fermentation materials 8- After 10 meters, it falls into the pool, so that the fermentation material has a certain displacement in the pool, and the material is regularly moved back in a continuous equidistant and progressive manner in the pool, thus forming a continuous aerobic fermentation process.

The innovation of the trough turning machine is to make full use of the design of the deep pool in the underground space and the new technology of long-distance turning, and use the limited ground area to realize the large-scale harmless treatment of organic waste. The application of the trough turning machine can reduce the amount of garbage, make it harmless and resourceful, and reduce the pollution of the farm feces, which is conducive to environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction.