How to use organic fertilizer disc granulator equipment

Things to note before starting the organic fertilizer disc granulation equipment. Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer Tongda Heavy Industry recommends that you pay attention to the following points:
1. Adjust machine parameters: According to requirements, adjust the rotation speed, inclination angle and other parameters of the disc granulator to ensure appropriate granulation effect.
2. Check whether the fixed base is firmly fixed to avoid movement caused by turning on and off the machine. Check and add the gear oil in the reduction box to the upper line of the scale. Check the rotating shaft on the back of the disc and inject high-temperature resistant grease.
3. Preparation work: First, determine the required organic raw materials, including organic waste, agricultural waste, etc. These raw materials are processed and pre-treated, such as broken, moistened or conditioned, to facilitate granulation in a disc granulator.
4. Adjust the water spray device to the appropriate position and check whether the atomization degree is fine enough. Roughly adjust the disc inclination of the organic fertilizer disc granulating equipment (it is recommended to adjust half of the adjustment value of the screw rod, and then adjust according to the particle size during the test run)
5. Start the machine: Evenly put the organic raw materials into the feeding port of the disc granulator. Then, start the machine’s motor so that the disc begins to rotate.
When using the organic fertilizer disc granulator, pay attention to the safety of the operation and follow the instructions and relevant operating procedures. In addition, the machine should be cleaned, maintained and serviced regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend its service life.