How to solve the problems of low balling rate and irregular particles of organic fertilizer granulator

Granular organic fertilizer can be spread by machine, which can improve the farming efficiency of farmers. Therefore, even if the investment cost of granular organic fertilizer production equipment is high, there are still many organic fertilizer companies willing to produce granular organic fertilizer. However, granulation problems such as low granulation rate and irregular granulation by granulator have also plagued many organic fertilizer enterprises. Let’s take a look at what factors will affect the granulation effect of organic fertilizer:

Material reason analysis


Before granulation, the material is in powder form, in order to granulate, some moisture needs to be added to coagulate. The more water is added, the larger the particles are, and the less the water is, the smaller the particles are. Therefore, it is also a big test for the skills of the granulator. The disc granulator has high technical requirements for granulation, and the drum granulator has lower technical requirements.

2.Material fineness

The finer the material, the more rounded the particles, on the contrary, the coarser the material, the more irregular the particles.

3.Is it sticky?

The raw materials of organic fertilizer are generally livestock manure, straw, garden waste, etc., which are less viscous, and some strong viscous fillers such as bentonite can be added.

Second, the granulator analysis

The choice of granulator is also an important factor affecting the granulation rate and particle regularity. Common granulators are mainly disc granulators, roller extrusion granulators, flat die granulators, rotary drum granulators, rotary drum granulators, etc.:

1.The particles formed by the disc granulator are round, the regularity is not very good, and the sizes are different. Generally, they are master batches.

2.The granules formed by the roller extrusion granulator and the flat die granulator are cylindrical, and the particle size is relatively uniform due to the use of a die.

3.The particles formed by the drum granulator and the drum granulator are also round, and the size has a lot to do with the added moisture.


1.Choose a regular company

The granulator produced by regular enterprises generally has a ball formation rate of more than 90%, and the manufacturer’s ball formation rate will be much lower.

2.Use a rounder

If there is a high requirement for the regularity of the particles, a rounder can be used after the granulation is completed, so that the particles can be rolled into a ball at one time, no return material, high ball formation rate, good strength, beautiful and practical.

3.Hire high-tech granulators

The granulator plays a very important role in the granulation effect, so the requirements for the granulation technology of the granulator are very high.