How to know if the dryer is normally working

Dryer: the rapid development of the times, the acceleration of the pace of life. The current era is fast and efficient. The product of the dryer pursues a fast drying effect. Dryers usually run for a long time, and it is difficult for us to ensure that the machine does not have problems. Even if the product is of good quality, it is inevitable that problems will occur if the product is used for a long time and does not pay attention to maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to dry Machine operation and maintenance personnel quickly repair and maintain, so how to quickly repair the work of dryer equipment is very important. If the dryer equipment is abnormal and malfunctions during daily work, you should immediately cut off the power supply and check each connected line. Check them one by one. Avoid greater losses.

If the sealing surface of each dryer joint leaks, then sometimes the noise machine may not be bad news for us. At this time, we should carefully listen to whether the sound machine is rotating normally, there is a pungent smell and the smell of gas and oil, using your hands Touch to check if the temperature of the dryer components and motor are normal.

First, appropriately increase the air volume of the induced draft fan

Exchange, increasing the air volume of the induced draft fan can improve the operating efficiency of the dryer to a certain extent, but it must be appropriate. If the air volume of the induced draft fan is increased too much, the drying effect of the drying equipment will be affected.

Second, do the whole machine and sealing work well

If the sealing work of the dryer is not done well, the heat entering its interior will be lost. Without sufficient heat support, the operating efficiency of the dryer will be reduced. Therefore, the sealing work of the dryer is also improved. An effective way of its operational efficiency.

Third, increase the hot air temperature appropriately

The operating efficiency of the dryer is closely related to the temperature of the hot air. The higher the hot air temperature, the faster the drying speed, the higher the operating efficiency, the lower the hot air temperature and the slower the drying speed, the lower the operating efficiency, which should be appropriately increased. The hot air temperature can improve the operating efficiency of the dryer, but you must remember that it cannot be adjusted too high, otherwise it will affect the quality of the dried materials.

Fourth, ensure the continuity of hot air entering the interior

If you want to improve the efficiency of the dryer, you must ensure the continuity of the hot air entering the dryer. It must not be intermittent. In addition, the water vapor in the dryer must be exhausted in time to avoid secondary pollution of the material.

The operating efficiency of the dryer will be affected by multiple factors, including climate, environment and human factors. It is the human factor that has a big impact on the operating efficiency of the dryer. After all, it is just a machine that is completely controlled by humans. To make the dryer play a high efficiency, not only must use the correct operation method, but also must master certain skills.