How to judge the quality of organic fertilizer equipment?

How do we judge the quality of the organic fertilizer equipment during the use of the organic fertilizer equipment? The organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer Tongda Heavy Industry recommends that you observe the quality of the organic fertilizer equipment through the following aspects.

One: Looking at the product, there are two types of products processed by the organic fertilizer equipment, one is the powdery product, and the other is the granular organic fertilizer equipment. There are two types of equipment for processing. There are standard particle size, granular The difference in size and scope shows that the organic fertilizer equipment is more reliable and the quality is relatively good.

Two: Look at the surface of the organic fertilizer equipment, observe the appearance of the organic fertilizer equipment, the surface can be treated, the degree of refinement of the treatment and the welding treatment, etc., from the appearance, we can observe through the junction, which is the tightness And the degree of engagement.

Three: Listen to the sound of the test machine during the inspection phase of the organic fertilizer equipment in the use process, and judge whether it is continuous and regular, and the equipment is more safe and reliable.

Four: The process of organic fertilizer equipment, in the process of use, the quality of the process has a big impact on the quality of the product.

Five: Identify the smell of the fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer equipment. During the production process, through the dust collector, there is basically no strange smell in the room. If the smell is relatively small during use, it means that the environmental protection performance is better.