How to judge the quality of organic fertilizer equipment?

As organic fertilizer production equipment continues to appear in everyone’s daily life, there are more and more varieties of organic fertilizer production equipment, and the number of manufacturers producing and operating organic fertilizer production equipment is also increasing. However, with so many organic fertilizer production When equipment enters the market, how should consumers judge whether the equipment is good or bad when purchasing?

Judging whether the organic fertilizer equipment is good or not can be judged from the surface observation of the equipment, the sound pattern during operation, and the organic fertilizer produced from trial processing. Another point is the rationality of the process.

1.Look at the finished fertilizer: The two products of organic fertilizer processing, powdered organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer, both have particle size standards, and the difference in particle size indicates that the organic fertilizer equipment is more reliable.

2.Look at the appearance of organic fertilizer equipment: observe the appearance of organic fertilizer equipment, look at the fineness of surface treatment, welding treatment, riveting treatment, etc. From the outside, the look and feel of the junction is tight and the degree of meshing is high.

3.Listen to the sound: During the inspection stage of organic fertilizer equipment, you can test the machine. During the test machine, you can judge whether the sound is natural, continuous and regular. Naturally, there are rules, and relatively speaking, the reliability of the equipment is relatively high.

4.Look at the process of organic fertilizer equipment: the quality of the process has a great impact on the quality of the product.

5.Smell: During the production of fertilizer equipment, after passing through the dust collector, there is basically no strange smell in the room, such as the irritating smell of dust produced by granulation, etc., which shows that the environmental protection is good.

6.Energy saving and environmental protection: Good organic fertilizer equipment should have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, and can reduce energy consumption and waste production as much as possible.

7.Convenience of operation: Good organic fertilizer equipment should be easy to operate and maintain, making it easy to operate during the production process and at the same time ensuring the safety of workers.

It should be noted that the quality of organic fertilizer equipment is a relative concept, and different users and application scenarios may have different standards and requirements, so it needs to be evaluated and selected according to the specific situation.