How to install the organic fertilizer equipment cooler and dryer?

How to install the cooling machine of organic fertilizer equipment? Tongda Heavy Industry summarized three aspects:

First: First of all, it is necessary to carry out installation and debugging. When installing, pay attention to the installation with the process flow of the machine, point out the elevation and horizontal position, and install it obliquely. The general inclination is 2-5 degrees. This inclination can be reasonably adjusted according to the needs of customers.

Second: The cooling equipment of the organic fertilizer equipment should have local foot holes evenly on the bracket and transmission frame of the machine, which can be installed on the concrete and play a fixed role on the concrete.

Third: After the organic fertilizer cooler is installed, it will be debugged. When debugging, pay attention to whether the parts of the dryer are installed and tightened again after the dryer is installed, and then carry out no-load Test the test run, so as to observe whether the steering is normal and correct, otherwise the adjustment during use, whether the noise of the gear is uniform, should not fluctuate.

In the process of using, we need to make reasonable adjustments according to our application and the actual situation.