How To Deal With The Livestock And Poultry Manure When Product The Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers consider the use of organic fertilizer production lines, to deal with livestock and poultry manure appropriate methods. Animal husbandry pollution mainly refers to the feces and urine pollution, the residues of toxic and harmful substances in animal husbandry products and the wastes from livestock and poultry farms. Among them, the pollution of excrement and urine of livestock and poultry and the residue of livestock and poultry products are the main problems to human health. Pollution from livestock and poultry farming has become the main source of pollution in rural areas .

1. According to statistics, 1,000 dairy farms can produce 50 tons of feces per day; 1000 beef cattle produce 20 tons of feces and urine; 1000 finishing pigs produce 4 tons of feces per day, 10000 laying hens produce 2 tons of feces per day , etc. Such huge data can not be ignored. If it is not handled properly, it will pollute the environment.

2.the treatment of feces, is the use of organic fertilizer production line science to kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms in feces, at the same time can preserve feces fertilizer, the treatment of feces can meet the requirements of health standards. At present, high temperature composting and biogas digester are widely used in rural areas as raw materials for biogas production. But more is still collected after compost for farm fertilizer back to the field.

3.cattle produced by a large number of cow dung treatment, recycling of bright spots. The manure produced by the beef cattle farm is fermented by the biogas tank to produce biogas, which can be used for cooking by residents. At the same time, the biogas can also be used to generate electricity to meet the electricity needs of residents and the company, and then the waste biogas slurry and biogas residue can be produced into organic fertilizer by the organic fertilizer production line.

4. Farming farms can make full use of the advantages of local straw resources and vigorously develop beef cattle breeding, which not only reduces the pressure of banning straw burning, but also turns waste into treasure. Breed only the straw of beef cattle more than ten thousand mu, so that the surrounding masses per mu increase to receive 130 yuan. Organic fertilizer equipment: organic fertilizer granulator

5. The process of treating cow dung is that the feces and urine produced by cattle farms are discharged into the biogas digester through the ditch, and the feces are fermented by microorganisms to produce combustible gas – biogas. Biogas is used as a fuel to generate power to drive a generator to generate electricity, which is used for residential electricity and internal use of the company; Biogas residue and biogas slurry produced by biogas is a kind of organic fertilizer. After being filtered and clarified, the biogas slurry is used for leaf fertilization of plantation crops, which not only plays the role of insect prevention and treatment, but also further supplements the nutritional needs of crops.

Biogas residue after decaying agent decaying using organic fertilizer production line into organic fertilizer supply vegetable garden fertilization, not only played the role of soil improvement, but also to meet the vegetable growth of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium needs, thus avoiding the use of chemical fertilizer to bring harm to human body, reached the national regulations of pollution-free standards.