How to choose organic fertilizer equipment cow dung dryer?

How to choose organic fertilizer equipment cow dung dryer? What should be paid attention to:

1.Compare several manufacturers of cow dung dryers to investigate, and the quality of the dryer and the scale of the manufacturer workshop.

2.See if the manufacturer has stocks, conduct a test machine for the inspection of the dryer to see if the output efficiency can be achieved.

3.Analyze the price of several manufacturers’ dryers to see which one is suitable. In addition, we cannot be greedy for small cheap for the price of cow dung dryer. We all know that cheap is not good, but what we need to do is to make a certain level of quality, so that we can buy better chicken manure dryer equipment Essence

If the dryer compares the cow dung dryer with the traditional dryer, the most significant feature is the two points of the body length and energy saving. The traditional drying machine is a long -tube -shaped drying equipment. The length of the body is relatively long and the area is relatively large, increasing the production cost of users, and the innovative and improved cow manure dryer is the original body length In a quarter, it has reduced the area occupying the area, and the equipment can also ensure that the materials and calories can be fully exposed to the maximum to increase the drying effect. Significant.