How much is a chain plate turning machine

The chain-plate fermentation turning and polishing machine can effectively accelerate the fermentation speed of organic fertilizer raw materials. The price of the equipment varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands according to the size of the model.

The chain plate type fermentation turning machine is a new type of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, which is installed on the guide rails on both sides of the fermentation tank. Compared with the old trough dumping locomotive, it has higher dumping efficiency, greater loading and unloading capacity, and the equipment is more beautiful and practical. Since the turning body is generally within 5 meters, the construction length of the fermentation tank may be several times that of the turning body. Therefore, the mixed fermentation material enters the front end of the fermentation tank during the horizontal turning process. After a day of fermentation, it needs to be flipped for cooling and better oxygen, and moves backward to make room for new incoming raw materials. At this time, the chain plate transmission system is turned on, the driving device forms an angle of 45° with the bottom of the tank, and the multi-tooth plate structure continuously picks up the fermented material, transports it to the highest point along the bottom of the tank, and then throws it downward to make it again Accumulate and move 3.5-4 meters until the turning and throwing machine reaches the front end of the tank. Then start the hydraulic lifting system to lift the main body of the chain plate and return to the end. Repeated operations to realize the throwing and displacement of materials. The fully fermented and decomposed materials are moved to the end of the fermentation tank and shoveled out of the tank. After the whole process is completed, the turning and throwing machine is run longitudinally to the rear end of the fermentation tank again and waiting for the next turning.

The process can flexibly adjust the fermentation period to 25-30 days; in the whole process, the number of days ≥60℃ is controlled at more than 7 days, which ensures the killing of pathogenic bacteria under high temperature, the rapid reproduction of microorganisms, the humification of raw materials and the mineralization Chemical, the decomposition of cellulose, sugars and proteins in organic matter into usable low-molecular-weight substances, achieving harmlessness and resource utilization, and reducing the water content of materials from 60% to less than 40%. Realize the full decomposition of organic materials and reach the standard of semi-finished organic fertilizer raw materials.

How much is a chain-plate fermentation turning and polishing machine? It mainly depends on how many meters you need to choose a chain-plate turning and polishing machine. If you want to know more about the quotations and options of turning and polishing machines, you can call Henan Tongda Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.