How much does it cost to build a small organic fertilizer equipment production line

Without considering any factors, the price range of a small-scale organic fertilizer production line can range from several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. Let me share with you in detail below.
Use simple equipment to produce fermented organic fertilizer:
1. Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank: In the case of relatively high requirements for fermentation aging, the current fermentation tank can be used to process organic fertilizers to produce a batch of raw materials at the fastest 8 hours, and it can also be equipped with a deodorizing system to solve the problem of environmental pollution, and is not affected. It can be produced at any time due to the influence of outside temperature and environmental topography, and the price is about tens of thousands of dollars.
2. Self-propelled turning and throwing machine: divided into wheel type and crawler type. At present, crawler-type turning and throwing machines are mostly used. It is characterized by large processing capacity and can be moved at will. It is suitable for organic fertilizer turning and throwing in open fields. The operation is suitable for organic fertilizer processing plants that do not want to carry out a large amount of civil engineering, and the price is about tens of thousands of dollars.
3. Trough type turning and throwing machine: stable operation, can be changed by one turning and throwing machine, can handle multi-trough materials, large production, uniform turning and throwing, it is adopted by most organic fertilizer processing plants, and the price is only a few thousand dollars. .
Production of powdered organic fertilizer:
It is a refined crushing treatment based on the fermentation of organic fertilizer. The required equipment: fermentation turning machine, forklift silo, semi-wet material crusher, drum screening machine, automatic packaging scale. The price is around tens of thousands of dollars.
Production of granular organic fertilizer:
At present, it is complicated, and it is based on the continued fermentation process and powdered organic fertilizer. Therefore, the required equipment is also relatively comprehensive, including fermentation dumper, forklift silo, semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, Stirring granulator, rotary
Type dryer, rotary cooler, drum screening machine, film coating machine, automatic packaging machine. The price is around tens of thousands of dollars.
Therefore, the specific price needs to be consulted and understood by users according to their actual needs. We have relatively good technology, the quality of the equipment produced is good, and the price is not particularly expensive, and it is worth the user to choose.