How much do you know about organic fertilizer equipment drum screening machine

How much do you know about organic fertilizer production line equipment? Let’s take a look at the trommel screening machine. In our powder organic fertilizer production line, trommel screening machine is also one of the very common equipment.

Drum screening machine is a commonly used equipment in composite powder production lines, and is also widely used in product classification in energy, mining, transportation, building materials, chemical and other industries. It is mainly used to uniformly classify the products in the production line according to different sizes to realize the classification of finished products. The equipment adopts a combined screen, which is easy to maintain and replace.

Drum screening machine structure:

The trommel screening machine is composed of motor, reducer, drum device, frame, sealing cover, import and export, etc. The roller unit is slanted on the frame. The motor is connected with the drum device through the coupling through the reducer to drive the drum device to rotate around its axis.

The trommel screen is also suitable for screening materials of various properties, such as coal, coke, white ash and other wet and easily blocked materials, stone quarries and other industries, so it is also called a mining trommel screen. , The fineness can reach below 3mm, and the screen can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Working principle of trommel screening machine:

The self-cleaning trommel screening machine reasonably rotates the central separator of the equipment through the gearbox deceleration system. The central separator is a screen composed of multiple circular flat steel rings. The installation of the central separator is inclined to the ground plane, and the material enters the screen from the upper end of the central separator. During the rotation of the separation drum, the fine material is separated from the top to the bottom through the screen interval composed of ring flat steel, and the coarse material is discharged from the lower end of the separation drum. into the crusher. The equipment is equipped with a plate-type automatic screening mechanism. During the separation process, the sieve mechanism continuously conducts the sieve body and combing through the relative movement of the sieve mechanism and the sieve body, so that the sieve body is always kept clean during the whole working process, and the screening efficiency will not be affected by the clogging of the sieve holes.

Features of trommel screening machine:

1.Small inclination angle, not easy to block;

2.Small footprint and convenient layout;

3.Low noise and less dust pollution;

4.Wide range of adaptation, convenient for large-scale and modular design, convenient.

5.Due to the characteristics of structure and working principle, the inclination angle of the machine body is small, and the trommel screening function can solve the problem of clogging of the screen surface and improve the operation efficiency.

6.High screening efficiency, large processing capacity and long service life.

7.The operation is stable and reliable, and the maintenance is simple and convenient.

8.The machine has simple structure, convenient operation and stable operation.

Use and maintenance of trommel screening machine:

How much do you know about organic fertilizer production line equipment? Let’s take a look at the trommel screening machine

1.The trommel screening machine must be opened first, and then the feeding equipment.

2.For the first three days of operation, the fasteners of the cage equipment should be checked every day. If it is loose, it should be tightened in time. In the future, check the fasteners of the cage trommel screen regularly (weekly or half a month).

3.The bearing seat and gearbox should be regularly checked for lubrication, and the oil should be refueled and changed in time. Large bearings use No. 2 lithium-based grease. Under normal circumstances, add grease once every two months, and it is not advisable to add too much, otherwise it will easily cause the bearing to overheat. Bearings should be clean once a year.

4.When the equipment is out of use for a long time (more than 30 days) and restarted, the motor insulation should be shaken to prevent the motor from burning out.