How long does it take for the organic fertilizer production line to ferment organic fertilizer

With the emphasis on the resource utilization of aquaculture waste, the production of organic fertilizer by fermentation has been paid more and more attention. Although organic fertilizer can be naturally fermented, the fermentation time is relatively long (generally 1-3 months, mainly because the fermentation temperature is low), and the use of professional starter can greatly shorten the fermentation time, and the quality of fermentation is better, which This is the reason why the organic fertilizer production line must use professional starter, shorten the fermentation time and reduce the number of turning over, and directly save a lot of space and labor.
At present, most organic fertilizer products are only composted and fermented for 15-20 days, and such products can only reach the harmless standard. The fermentation process of high-quality organic fertilizer compost generally takes 45-60 days.
This is because harmful microorganisms such as plant pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs, and weed seeds will be killed in the heating stage and high temperature stage in the early stage of composting, but the main role of microorganisms in this process is metabolism and reproduction, and only a small amount is produced. metabolites, and these metabolites are unstable and not easily absorbed by plants.
In the later cooling period, microorganisms will humify organic matter and produce a large number of metabolites that are beneficial to plant growth and absorption in the process. This process takes 45-60 days.
Composting through this process can achieve three purposes, one is harmless, the other is humus; the third is to produce a large number of microorganisms and metabolites such as various antibiotics, protein substances, etc.
The fermentation process of the organic fertilizer production line is actually the process of metabolism and reproduction of various microorganisms. The metabolic process of microorganisms is the process of decomposition of organic matter.