How does the pig manure organic fertilizer equipment make organic fertilizer

How does the pig manure organic fertilizer equipment make organic fertilizer?

First, the fermentation conditions and process parameters of organic fertilizer equipment

Control and master the following conditions and technical parameters during the fermentation of pig manure organic fertilizer: The height of the mixture is higher than 30-40 cm; the additives are 20%-40% (data can be adjusted according to the actual situation); the moisture content of the material is 50%-60% ; pH is about 7.0; mixture material C/N<25; adding biological agent 0.1%-0.3% (data can be adjusted according to actual conditions); aerobic conditions; product moisture after fermentation is about 20%.

Second, it is necessary to know the main environmental factors that affect fermentation

There are temperature, moisture, C/N and pH. In the process of pig manure fermentation, through artificial regulation, it creates a suitable environment for aerobic microbial activities and promotes the rapid progress of fermentation. The impacts under specific conditions are as follows:

1.Humidity influence: Moisture is an important factor indispensable for microbial activities. In the aerobic fermentation process, the suitable moisture content of the material is 50%-60%. If the water content of the material is too high or too low, it will affect the activity of aerobic microorganisms, and the water should be adjusted before fermentation. The water content of the material is less than 50%, the temperature rises slowly, the temperature is low, and the degree of decomposition is poor; more than 60%, it affects aeration and forms anaerobic fermentation, the temperature is slow, and the degree of decomposition is also poor. Fresh pig manure generally has a relatively high water content. The method to reduce the water content is to mix organic materials with low water content. Such as chaff, mushroom residue, sawdust, straw, etc. These auxiliary materials also promote the loss of water.

2.Temperature influence: Temperature is an important indicator showing the degree of microbial activity in aerobic fermentation. The occurrence of high temperature indicates that the fermentation process is working well. The high temperature airtight organic fertilizer production equipment adopts the method of turning materials and forced ventilation to improve the oxygen supply state, and promote the rapid temperature rise of the early materials and maintain the high temperature of 60-70°C. The poor physical shape of pig manure is the main obstacle that affects the temperature rise of fermentation, and organic matter with high C/N and low moisture must be added to improve it.

3.PH value influence: pH has an important influence on microbial activity and the preservation of nitrogen.

4.C/N impact: C/N is an important nutrient condition for microbial activities. Normally the C/N required for microbial reproduction is 20-30. The average C/N of pig manure is 14. Simple pig manure is not conducive to fermentation and needs to be adjusted by blending materials with a high C/N ratio. The above-mentioned materials for adjusting moisture content all have a high C/N ratio and are also good C/N admixtures.

Pig manure organic fertilizer equipment uses high-temperature airtight equipment to process pig manure, biological fermentation is carried out under the action of adding active bacteria, and nutrients are released. After the organic matter is fully decomposed, the bio-heat and high-temperature fermentation process formed can kill bacteria and insects. Eggs, to purify the environment, detoxify and deodorize, produce high-efficiency and high-quality organic fertilizers and organic-inorganic compound fertilizers, which are transformed into resources and industrialization through harmlessness. The fermented organic fertilizer has the function of improving soil aggregate structure and improving soil fertility, which is beneficial to increase the yield and quality of crops.