How does the organic fertilizer production equipment turn pig manure + mushroom residue into organic fertilizer?

How to use organic fertilizer production equipment to make pig manure + mushroom residue into organic fertilizer?

Fermentation process steps of mushroom residue waste as organic fertilizer production line:

1.The amount of bacteria added. The same amount of raw material fermentation operation technology.

2.Fermentation operation technology.

Raw material mixing ratio and compost requirements. According to the animal manure and fertilizer (5-10):1 to make ingredients, this ratio is the weight ratio. According to the output, the width of the fertilizer trough and the stack should be made, and the depth is 0.8m-1.35m.

Use organic fertilizer equipment for fermentation treatment. Sprinkle the appropriate amount of bacteria as needed, and turn the pile twice in succession once. After stacking, the temperature rises to fifty or sixty degrees, then it is turned over to cool down. After many times of stacking, it can be fully decomposed in a week to half a month.

3.The mid- and late-stage process of organic fertilizer equipment into fertilizer. After fermentation, it can enter deep processing: crushing, drying, sieving, and packaging. Or it can be crushed, granulated, dried, sieved, coated, and packaged.

The small-scale organic fertilizer production line has low investment, but the organic fertilizer produced can still be sold on the market, which solves the current situation of many customers who want to invest in this industry but have little capital, and is favored by many customers.