How does pig manure turn waste into treasure?

Pig manure is difficult to handle, not only will it produce a foul odor, but if the manure is directly discharged without treatment, it will also cause surface water pollution, which is recognized as a “waste” that is difficult to handle. So can we reuse “waste” and turn waste into treasure?

1.Build biogas digesters to produce biogas

Biogas is to seal the excrement of pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock in the biogas tank. The gas generated by heating and anaerobic fermentation can be used for cooking, lighting, etc. The fermented biogas residue can be used as farmland fertilizer and biogas slurry. It can also be discharged into ponds for biological treatment. This method is suitable for small and medium farms.

2.Making fish and shrimp feed

Pig manure is fine in texture and is easily decomposed by microorganisms. If it is used, it can be made into a good fish and shrimp feed. Since pig manure contains parasite eggs and some toxic substances and bacteria, it cannot be used directly. It must be processed by a professional fish and shrimp feed starter to become a safe, environmentally friendly and rich feed.

3.Make organic fertilizer

Since raw manure is not easy to transport, we can use raw manure as raw material, process it into organic fertilizer, and then transport and sell it. Fermentation is the most important part of making organic fertilizer. The traditional natural fermentation method takes about 2 months, and it also requires artificial

The feces are periodically turned over, which incurs significant labor and time costs. Tongda Heavy Industry has developed a fermentation tank in response to the problem of long fermentation period and large land occupation of organic fertilizers. Fermentation in a fermenter has high efficiency. The pollution-free treatment process can be completed in 10 hours. The whole fermentation process is pollution-free and can completely kill the eggs of disease and insects.