How does fermented chicken manure work?

Chicken manure has high protein content and high nutrients. It is a good organic fertilizer. Chicken manure can only be used with confidence when it is fully decomposed. Let’s talk about the process of decomposing chicken manure.
Fermented chicken manure recipe:
For decomposed chicken manure, you must choose fresh chicken manure. If it has been stacked for a long time, it is recommended to add a little fresh chicken manure, so as to better heat up the temperature. The humidity of chicken manure is very important. Too wet and too dry are not good for chickens. Fermentation of manure.
Fermentation formula: 3-4 square meters of chicken manure + 20%-30% straw (volume) + 500 grams of fermentation inoculum, mix the materials evenly, and pay attention to the moisture of the materials when preparing for fermentation.
The material maintains about 50% moisture, and it does not drip when grasped, but there is water between the fingers, so that the fermentation can be better.
How to mix fermented chicken manure:
Chicken manure: Rabbit manure, sheep manure, pigeon manure, etc. are similar. The main “nitrogen source” is also the main raw material for the current farmers to ferment their own organic fertilizers.
Straw: straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, sawdust, sawdust, chaff, etc. can be used. The main function is to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio and improve the looseness of the material.
How to ferment chicken manure:
Stacking: pile the material into a pile of more than 1 meter. When the temperature reaches above 50 degrees, it is recommended to turn the pile with an organic fertilizer equipment turning machine. Generally, it needs to turn the pile 3-4 times. When the temperature no longer rises, the temperature inside the pile When the temperature is lower than 45 degrees, the fermentation is basically completed, and the chicken manure
After fermentation, it is loose and has no foul smell, and white mycelium may appear.
During the fermentation process, it cannot be airtightly covered. If it does not rain, it is best to open it. If it rains, you can cover it with color tape properly, and then open it when the weather is fine.
How to use fermented chicken manure:
Fermented chicken manure can generally be applied in furrows and can be used as autumn fertilizer. It is recommended to cover the fermented chicken manure properly and can be placed for 1-2 years. Fermented chicken manure is rich in bacteria and suitable for planting. Fruit trees are used.