Fertilizer turning and throwing machine is an indispensable equipment for organic fertilizer production

The turning and throwing machine is an integrated treatment equipment for aerobic fermentation of waste such as manure from livestock and poultry farms, and biodegradation of organic matter in the waste to achieve harmless and resourceful utilization. Users only need to pile pig manure and chicken manure together, add bacteria to it, and after 7 days of aerobic fermentation, combine chicken manure and pig manure with a turner to turn chicken manure and pig manure into high-quality organic fertilizer.
Turning machine features:
1. The compost fermentation turning machine adopts a ground tank structure. According to the structure of the plant, a series of fermentation products for one machine and multiple tanks can be designed. It has the characteristics of simple operation, short fermentation cycle, small pollution, sufficient fermentation, and convenient expansion.
2. The turning and throwing machine has advanced fermentation technology, which adopts microbial aerobic fermentation. The self-propelled turning machine is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation, so that the fermenting bacteria have a space to fully exert their functions.
3. The overall structure of the turning and throwing machine is reasonable, the whole machine is concise, balanced in force, good in rigidity, strong, safe and reliable in performance, easy to control, and strong in applicability to the site. Except for the thick frame, the parts are all standard parts, easy to use and maintain convenient.
4. The turning and throwing machine is equipped with an automatic spraying liquid bacteria device, which is convenient for the fermentation process of liquid bacteria. While turning and mixing, the turning and throwing machine evenly sprays the mixed liquid bacteria for the fertilizer base material, so that spraying bacteria, increasing oxygen, and turning can be completed at one time .
Working principle of turning machine:
1. The track of the turning machine is laid on the wall of the fermentation tank, and the walking wheels of the turning machine can walk back and forth along the track driven by the drive motor. While the throwing machine is moving, the knife roller fixed with the throwing knife rotates and breaks, turns and throws the compost material in the fermentation tank backwards. During the movement of the fertilizer in the air, it is fully mixed with the air to provide the life activities of the fermentation microorganisms. Oxygen needed, and evaporate water, reduce temperature;
2. After the turning and polishing machine completes a turning and throwing work, the hydraulic oil cylinder can be used to raise the turning and throwing knife roller to a certain height, so that the turning and polishing machine can be quickly returned to the initial position of the fermentation tank.
3. A composting process that stirs and breaks the turning machine to ferment, decompose and degrade the material. The trough turning machine must be used as a fermentation tank, and the fermentation tank must be laid with tracks. The turning machine performs work tasks on the fermentation tank. Usually driven by a motor.
4. The turning and throwing machine completes the transfer from one fermentation tank to another fermentation tank through the moving vehicle, and multiple fermentation tanks can use one tank-type turning and throwing machine.
The turning machine makes farming more automated, saves manpower, and brings more efficient work to farmers. Moreover, it can also turn animal manure into fertilizer for recycling treatment, which not only saves resources but also protects our environment. It has brought us many benefits and is an indispensable equipment for making organic fertilizers.