Fermentation methods and benefits of organic fertilizer

The fermentation methods and benefits of organic fertilizer are as follows:
1. Fertilizer contains a large amount of organic fermented organic products.
2. After the raw materials of organic fertilizer are fermented for 5 consecutive days, the weeds in the raw materials are harmful to sanitary insects and a large number of them are killed. It requires a lot of organic fertilizers.
Organic decayed organic fertilizers carry a large number of organic microorganisms and parasitic roundworms. After being applied to farmland, a small part of them will cause direct pollution on crops, and each enters the soil to cause organic organic pollution. After entering the soil, it can be absorbed and absorbed after fermentation. Some microorganisms can cause appetite for burning seedlings, and the other will release poisonous gas and make plants grow poorly. Therefore, it must be fully decomposed in the microbial organic fertilizer.
Fermentation method of organic fertilizer:
1. Mix livestock and poultry, additive processing, agricultural and sideline products and food processing, destruction, organic waste, urbanization, rotten leaves of vegetables and auxiliary materials in a weight ratio of 3:1, and then add the processed starter to the fermented product Inside, then stir and stir evenly.
2. The moisture content of the stirred fermentation product should be controlled at 50%-65% to achieve the effect of holding hands into a dough and letting go.
3. Put the fermented product into the fermentation fermentation height, the height is not less than 1m, and the length and length are not less than 1.5m.
4. Fermentation for 24-36 hours, the temperature can be above 50 degrees, the highest can reach above 70 degrees, and the smelly effect can be achieved in three days.
5. After 15 days of stacking and fermentation, it can reach pollution-free and national organic fertilizer standards, and can be used as base fertilizer. If used as fattening seedlings, it can continue to be fermented for 15 days.
The organic fertilizer fermentation method and harmful rod technology developed by Tongda Heavy Industry, using organic fertilizer to remove the active rod quickly and efficiently, without the purpose of fermentation, odor, and harmful treatment. Large-scale organic fertilizer plants, breeding farms, consciousness gardens, etc.