Fermentation method of organic fertilizer

Fermentation method of organic fertilizer:

(1) Mix livestock and poultry manure, straw, agricultural and sideline products and solid waste from food processing, organic waste and urban sludge, vegetable rotten leaves and auxiliary materials in a weight ratio of 3:1, and then add the treated microbial starter to Into the fermented material, and then stir it until it is evenly mixed.

(2) The water content of the stirred fermented product should be controlled at 50%-65%, so as to achieve the effect of holding it into a ball and loosening it.

(3) The stirred fermented material can be stacked and fermented, the height is not less than 1m, and the width and length are not less than 1.5m.

(4) Fermentation for 24-36 hours, the temperature can reach above 50℃, the highest is above 70℃, and the deodorization effect can be achieved in three days.

Straw fermentation organic fertilizer technology is widely used. At present, people mainly discard the straw as waste or burn it in the field, which not only causes a great waste of organic resources, but also reduces the fertility of the soil year by year, which brings great harm to the society.

The organic fertilizer fermentation method and straw fermentation organic fertilizer technology developed by the organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer use the straw decomposing agent to decompose the crop straw quickly and efficiently, and achieve the purpose of heating, deodorizing and harmless treatment in a short time. Suitable for large organic fertilizer plants, farms, plantations, etc.