Features and maintenance points of crawler type turning machine

The crawler type turning and polishing machine is an automatic equipment. The advanced technology makes the equipment easier to operate and more efficient. The processes of sterilization, turning and sterilization can be completed automatically according to the requirements, and the life of the equipment is not reduced. , the operation efficiency is not reduced, so the daily maintenance is indispensable. The operators of each shift need to check the fastening status of equipment parts, check the lubrication of gears and bearings, etc. The following is a detailed introduction.
Features of crawler tumbler:
1. Hydraulic operating system, crawler walking, strong and durable, strong power, advanced technology, large output, strong turning and throwing ability, hydraulic lifting and lowering of turning and throwing drum adjustment, high degree of automation, simple and easy to master.
2. It can heat up in one day, deodorize in 3-5 days, sterilize, and become fertilizer in seven days, which is faster and more efficient than other mechanical fermentation methods. According to customer requirements, some auxiliary facilities can also be added, such as automatic sprinkling device.
3. The lever-operated type (without steering wheel) improves the disadvantage that the large-scale wheeled dumper cannot turn around in place. By simply manipulating the two levers, you can turn left and right, brake and turn 360 degrees on the spot, and the steering wheel is automatically balanced.
4. Each time the flip is completed, the stack is actually reset again. During the throwing process, the material exchanges heat and mass with the air, the moisture and carbon dioxide are lost, the temperature decreases, and the oxygen concentration increases, which provides a suitable environment for the aerobic fermentation of microorganisms.
5. It is suitable for the mechanism and process requirements of microbial fermentation of livestock and poultry manure into fertilizer, and can effectively mix the viscous stored manure with microbial preparation and straw powder. Under the properties of this loose material, the fermentation temperature is controlled at 60-70°C for 3-4 days.
Maintenance of crawler turner:
1. Shift maintenance (10 hours of work) inspection, tighten all connecting bolts and nuts, and check whether the oil drain plug is loose.
2. Check the pins of all parts, whether the cotter pins are damaged or not, and replace them with new ones if necessary. The cotter pins must not be replaced by other items.
3. Check whether the changing knife is damaged and whether the fastening bolts are loose, and make up and tighten if necessary.
4. Clean the hardened attachments on the crawler-type stacker.
5. After the crawler type stacker has been working for a period of time, replace the gear oil of the reduction box and check the bearings of all parts. After disassembling and cleaning, apply new butter, install it, and replace it if it is seriously worn.
6. Check whether the crawler type pile turner is worn to varying degrees, and replace the new knife if necessary.
7. If the crawler-type stacker does not work for a long time, all exposed parts should be oiled to prevent rust, and should be covered with something when outdoors.