Eight characteristics of the crawler turner

The crawler-type compost turner is a kind of equipment used in the organic fertilizer production line. Its main function is to turn the fermented materials, promote the fermentation process of microorganisms, and improve the quality and effect of organic fertilizers. The following are the eight characteristics of the crawler turner:

High efficiency and energy saving: The crawler turner adopts mechanized operation, which has high working efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared with traditional manual turning, it greatly improves production efficiency and reduces costs. The pull rod operates 360° turning and turning in place, saving space and cost .

Cleanliness and sanitation: When the crawler type compost turner turns over the material, the fermentation process of microorganisms inside the material is fully promoted, reducing the bacteria and odor inside the material, and improving the cleanliness and sanitation of the organic fertilizer.

Flexible and reliable: The crawler type compost turning machine has reasonable structural design, high reliability, simple operation and convenient maintenance, and is suitable for turning fermented materials of different shapes. Steering wheels are hydraulically balanced, keeping the whole machine stable during work, and there will be no phenomenon of incomplete turning.

Strong adaptability: The crawler type compost turner is suitable for the fermentation of various organic fertilizers, including different types of materials, different fermentation temperatures and humidity, etc. The turning shaft is hydraulically lifted, which can be turned at high or low speed according to the moisture content of the material.

Safe and guaranteed: The crawler turner is equipped with safety protection devices to ensure the safety of operators and avoid potential safety hazards caused by improper manual operation. The compost turner adopts a frame multi-column car-type overall structure, which has a longer service life and is not easily deformed.

Stir evenly: The crawler type compost turner can ensure the internal uniformity of the fermented material, thus improving the quality and effect of the organic fertilizer.

Reduce labor costs: The crawler turner adopts mechanized operation, which reduces labor costs and waste of human resources.

Investment in installments: The crawler turner is a highly efficient and energy-saving equipment, and its investment can be completed in installments within a period of time, which reduces the one-time investment cost of the enterprise.