Eight characteristics of organic fertilizer single shaft mixer

Single-shaft continuous mixer, which is suitable for continuous mixing of fertilizer powder, usually after automatic batching equipment. Its working principle is that the material enters the mixing tank, passes through a set of helical blades in the form of double ribbons, mixes evenly, and enters the next granulation and other processes.
1. Fast mixing speed
The machine adopts multi-layer ribbon stirring, which has high speed and high output, and the average stirring time is about 5-10 minutes.
2. One machine with multiple functions
The organic fertilizer single-shaft mixer can be used for multiple purposes, and can produce organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers.
3. Mix well
The material moves in multiple directions in the cavity, with multi-layer spiral belts, the mixing speed is fast, uniform and without corners.
4. Convenient feeding
The organic fertilizer single-shaft mixer adopts spiral lifting feeding, the feeding port is flush with the ground, and the feeding is convenient.
5. Good dispersion
A special coulter and a fiber separator are installed in the mixer. Make fibers and additives quickly dispersed in the material. It solves the problems of segregation and secondary agglomeration of fibers caused by different specific gravity of materials. And the cycle is short, no stirring dead angle.
6. Easy to operate
The equipment can be installed without fixing the foundation, and has the advantages of small footprint, simple operation, low energy consumption and high output.
7. Good value for money
The equipment has obvious price advantages, small investment and quick results. Avoid idle waste caused by excessive investment. It is the most economical and practical organic fertilizer production equipment.
8. Long service life
The equipment is made of high-quality steel plates, and all vulnerable parts are made of high-strength wear-resistant manganese steel. It has the characteristics of long service life.