Delivered To Malyasia About Fertilizer Equipment Crawler Type Compost Turner And Related Accessories

On Jun11th,we packed the fertilizer equipment crawler type compost truner and related accessories for our customers in Malyasia. And the customer will receive our products soon. The crawler type compost truner plays an important role in this line, which is the key equipment for fertilizer fermentation. The compound fertilizer counter roller production line mainly includes crushers, mixers, double roller granulators, screening machines and packaging machines. The whole production line does not need to be dried in the production process, and it is granulated at room temperature, which has the characteristics of low investment and good economic benefits. The main granulation equipment has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, wear resistance, good stability, low noise and convenient maintenance. The application range of the roller granulator is also very wide. The raw materials include fertilizer, chemical industry, coal, ceramics, etc. can be applied. 

Crawler-type compost turner adopts crawler walking design, can advance, retrogress, turn, by a person control driving. The machine can be operated in open outdoor field or in workshop. The diesel engine is used as the power source, the movement is transmitted by the power transmission, the material is turned over by the cutlass. The whole vehicle is riding on a long strip of fertilizer which is piled up in advance. The raw materials are churned, fluffy and moved by the rotary cutter shaft which is hung under the frame. Then, the new strip is formed and go on. 


1.It can be used at any venue. 

2.No civil construction costs. 

3.Flexible production. 

Henan Tongda Fertilizer Equipment can provide customers with a one-stop service. Our equipment is good at handling various kinds of animal manure and we also have rich experience to process the manure into excellent fertilizer. Welcome to contact us for more details.