Cow manure organic fertilizer equipment helps you turn waste into treasure

A cow produces more than 7 tons of manure every year, and a cow produces between 5 and 6 tons of manure. Although the dairy farming industry has a good development trend, it has also caused environmental pollution problems. Dairy farms produce large amounts of cow dung, and the pressure of cow dung processing is also increasing.
The odorous gases, harmful pathogenic microorganisms, drug residues and heavy metals contained in the feces and urine emitted by cows will cause serious pollution to the environment. If the cow dung in the dairy farm is not processed and utilized in time, it will easily cause environmental pollution inside and outside the farm, directly or indirectly affecting the health of the cows and farm personnel. Proper handling of cow dung in the dairy farm is a requirement to ensure a reasonable environment in the cattle farm. , is also a legal and regulatory requirement to avoid polluting the surrounding environment and causing public nuisance.
Livestock and poultry manure is a pollution if it is not handled well, but it is a treasure if it is handled properly. Large-scale farm manure treatment equipment not only effectively solves the problem of livestock and poultry manure treatment, improves the ecological environment, but also allows enterprises to achieve a win-win situation of environmental protection and transformation and upgrading. So what are all the equipment for the production of organic fertilizers from cow manure?
The entire production line process of cow dung organic fertilizer is as follows:
1. Each ton of raw materials is proportioned and piled into strips, and the length of the strip pile is not limited;
2. Powdered and fermented manure;
3. Add inoculant and mix;
4. Crush after mixing;
5. Granulating, drying, cooling and grading;
6. The moisture content of freshly made granules is relatively high, and the moisture needs to be dried to less than 20% of the organic fertilizer standard. After the dried granular organic fertilizer is cooled by a cooler, the organic fertilizer granules that meet the requirements can be packaged directly. On the contrary, further crushing, granulation, drying and cooling are required.
The equipment required in the entire cow dung organic fertilizer production line is:
Cow manure dehydrator: (inclined screen solid-liquid separator) Manure has high water content, heavy viscosity, and poor ventilation. It cannot be directly fermented and must be properly pretreated before fermentation can be carried out.
Compost Fermentation Turner: The organic fertilizer turner is a key equipment in the material fermentation process, which promotes the fermentation, decomposition and drying of materials. (Self-propelled and trough types available)
Crusher: (vertical or horizontal type selected according to specific output) is a mechanical equipment that uses high-speed rotating hammers in the crushing chamber to crush materials.
Organic fertilizer mixer/mixer: mixing solids and powders
Granulator: (disc granulator)
Dryer, cooler: (rotating drum) (natural drying can be chosen if the output is small)
Drum screening machine: classification processing
And conveyor (screw and belt optional)
How much does it cost to invest in cow dung organic fertilizer production equipment?
Livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer equipment achieves the purpose of saving non-renewable resources and protecting the environment. It has huge social benefits and is in line with my country’s industrial policy of energy conservation and emission reduction. A small and simple cow dung organic fertilizer production line costs less than 10,000 to 20,000 US dollars, and the organic fertilizer production line configured for each customer is different.
The low configuration of the cow manure organic fertilizer production line only requires a crusher, mixer, granulator, screening machine and packaging machine. This is a basic configuration, and equipment can be added according to the actual needs and requirements of customers. Therefore, the price of a complete cow manure organic fertilizer production line ranges from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.