Cost-effective organic fertilizer processing and mixing equipment

The horizontal mixer is under the action of the inner and outer spiral belts on the mixing shaft to turn the material within the scope of the cylinder. The inner spiral belt pushes the material from the middle to the two sides, the outer spiral belt pushes the material from the two sides to the center, and the back-and-forth infiltrated material moves and changes along the radial direction under the rotation of the spiral belt, thus forming a convection cycle. Due to the stirring of the above motion, the materials can be quickly and uniformly mixed in a very short time, the shaft seals at both ends are specially sealed, the powder and liquid have no leakage, the replacement cost of sealing consumables is low, and the replacement is convenient, so it is a widely used, adaptable High-efficiency mixing equipment with strong performance and good effect.

Advantages of organic fertilizer processing and mixing equipment

1.Easy to clean: quickly clean and clean the inside of the equipment without leaving dead ends.

2.High mixing uniformity: It can evenly mix materials with a ratio of 1:10000, especially for materials with larger specific gravity characteristics.

3.The mixing speed is fast and the efficiency is high: usually each batch of materials is mixed in 1-10 minutes to achieve full mixing and stirring, which is 6-10 times more efficient than other mixers.

4.Fast and convenient discharge: usually a batch of materials is finished in 12 minutes.

5.Large loading capacity: The equipment usually has a loading capacity (loading coefficient) of more than 70.

6.Less residual amount: the spiral belt keeps running when discharging, so that the material moves in the direction of the discharging valve, and basically all the materials are discharged.

7.Satisfy vacuum feeding, no dust discharge, avoid dust flying during the whole feeding, mixing and discharging process.

8.The mixing process is mild and will not destroy the original state of the material.

9.No pollution to the material: The stirring mechanism of the equipment is integral, safe and reliable, and all the edges and corners of the welds have a smooth transition, which can be sealed and operated to prevent dust in the air from entering the material.

10.Low requirements for workshops: The equipment is horizontal, and various forms of drive devices and discharge positions can be selected arbitrarily, regardless of the height and floor space of the workshop.

11.The equipment runs smoothly and reliably, with few wearing parts, long service life, convenient maintenance and simple operation.