Composition of organic fertilizer processing equipment

The composition of organic fertilizer processing equipment: organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine-organic fertilizer grinder-organic fertilizer mixer-organic fertilizer granulator-organic fertilizer dryer-organic fertilizer cooler-organic fertilizer screening –Particle coating machine–Automatic weighing and packaging machine, the equipment is connected by a belt conveyor, the whole set of equipment is designed and compact, and only 2-3 operators are required. The investment is small and the efficiency is high. It is a small and medium-sized breeding The preferred process equipment for the treatment of manure and fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer fermentation turning and throwing machine

Function: Fermentation and turning (turning and throwing) of the materials in the fermentation process;

Organic fertilizer grinder

Function: crushing and powdering of high-humidity materials and other raw materials in the production process;

Organic fertilizer mixer

Function: Stir and mix a variety of raw materials;

Organic fertilizer granulator

Function: The agitated material is granulated; it is convenient for sorting and packaging;

Organic fertilizer dryer

Function: Dry granular materials with certain humidity;

Organic fertilizer cooler

Function: Quickly cool the dried materials and increase production efficiency;

Organic fertilizer screening machine

Function: Screening and grading the finished fertilizer;

Particle coating machine

Function: Coat the outside of the granules made to effectively prevent the agglomeration of fertilizers;

Automatic weighing and packaging machine

Function: Quantitative bagging and packaging of finished products.