Common problems and solutions in the production of water-soluble fertilizers

Three common problems of humic acid solid water-soluble fertilizers and their solutions:

1.Moisture absorption and agglomeration: After the finished product is stored for a period of time, moisture absorption and agglomeration appear.

Reason: It is related to the moisture absorption of raw materials, water content, stacking weight, relative humidity of production environment, water absorption of packaging materials, etc.

Solution: Pay attention to the storage of raw materials, and detect new raw materials in time. You can use magnesium sulfate monohydrate as an anti-caking agent.

2.Packaging flatulence: The product is placed for a period of time in summer, and the gas generated in the packaging bag causes the packaging to bulge or burst.

Reason: Usually due to the presence of urea in the product, the gas component is mainly carbon dioxide.

Solution: Use breathable packaging plastic, pay attention to the storage temperature of the finished product.

3.Corrosion of packaging materials.

Reason: Some formulations are prone to corrosion to packaging materials.

Solution: Pay attention to the choice of packaging materials.

4 common problems of humic acid liquid water-soluble fertilizer and their solutions:

1.Crystallization: In the production process of humic acid liquid fertilizer, crystallization, stratification and increase of solid content occur.

Reason: The concentration of the nutrient feed solution is too high or the feeding sequence is not equal.

Solution: Explore the rules through a large number of experiments, such as the way of adding raw materials, the order of addition, the pH value of the system, and the processing temperature.

2.Delamination problem: There is a delamination problem when humic acid liquid fertilizer is stored for a long time.

Reason: After the humic acid liquid fertilizer is stored for a long time, the humic acid and the metal ions dissociate after chelation, and precipitate with some other ions in the solution.

Solution: Adjust the chelation process and add suspending agent to it, so that the humic acid liquid fertilizer can be stored for a long time.

3.Pipe blocking problem: In the process of humic acid liquid fertilizer flushing, sometimes the drip irrigation pipe will be blocked.

Reason: The humic acid water-soluble fertilizer is complexed with calcium and magnesium ions in hard water to form a precipitate, which blocks the drip irrigation pipe.

Solution: Add a carboxylic acid chelating agent in the production process to form a water-soluble complex; or add a dispersing agent, so that the formed precipitates do not aggregate together and pass through the drip irrigation pipe smoothly.

Poor fluidity: The viscosity of the humic acid solution increases and the fluidity becomes poor during the production process.

Reason: The concentration of humic acid water-soluble fertilizer salt is too high, and the viscosity of the suspended fertilizer increases when the temperature decreases, resulting in a significant decrease in fluidity, and it is not easy to pour out for use.

Solution: Adjust the amount of suspending agent to reduce its viscosity, and strictly control the water content.

5 common problems in the use of humic acid water-soluble fertilizer:

During the use of water-soluble fertilizers, many users often report problems such as insufficient dissolution of large-element humic acid water-soluble fertilizers. The suggestions for these problems are as follows:

1.Determine the water quality. First determine whether it is hard water, or water that has been mineralized and polluted.

2.Check whether the water-soluble fertilizer reacts with the pesticides prepared together. In the process of use, first mix a small amount of the medicine that needs to be prepared to see if there is a reaction. If there is no reaction, make a large amount of preparation and use;

3.Pay attention to whether the water-soluble fertilizers used can be mixed and used. Some fertilizers cannot be used together, such as liquid urea, sugar alcohol calcium, and liquid silicon fertilizers.

4.Pay attention to the mixing ratio. The solubility of water-soluble fertilizers has a certain limit. You cannot increase the amount of use according to your own ideas. If there are many materials, the water will increase. General water-soluble fertilizers need at least 200 times of water to dissolve. .

5.After the water-soluble fertilizer is configured, it should not be retained, and it is best to use it as needed.