Chicken manure organic fertilizer turning machine structure and working process

Introduction of chicken manure organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine:

Chicken manure organic fertilizer turning machine is used for the fermentation and turning of organic waste such as livestock manure, sludge garbage, sugar factory filter mud, slag cake and straw sawdust. It is widely used in organic fertilizer plants and compound fertilizer plants. , Sludge garbage plants, gardening farms and bisporus mushroom planting plants, etc. Fermentation maturity and removal of water operations can also be used as biological organic fertilizer fermentation equipment.

The chicken manure organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine is suitable for aerobic fermentation and can be used in conjunction with solar fermentation chambers, fermentation tanks and moving machines. It can be used with the moving machine to realize the function of one machine with multiple slots. The fermentation tank connected to it can be used for continuous discharging or batch discharging. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, stable operation, sturdiness and durability, and uniform turning and throwing.

Overview of the structure of chicken manure organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine:

The trough type fermentation turning and throwing machine is composed of transmission device, lifting device, walking device, turning device, transfer car and other main components. The motor directly transmits the power to the cycloidal pin wheel, and the reducer is transmitted to the turning drum through the sprocket. The turning wing stars on the drum are distributed in rows, which can turn the material in the fermentation tank and move it backwards. The turning speed is fast and the mixing effect is even, so that the material is in contact with the air, and the fermentation effect of the material is better. Centralized control of the control cabinet, which can be manual or automatic control function. Equipped with a soft starter, the impact load is low when starting. The gear is sturdy and durable, and has certain crushing and mixing functions for materials.

The working process of chicken manure organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine:

1.Put the raw materials into the feed inlet every day;

2.The raw materials are stirred by the equipment to the outlet end every day, and the travel distance is the same every day;

3.After 30 days of fermentation treatment, the fermentation raw materials will be completely decomposed and converted into organic fertilizer;

4.After a period of aerobic fermentation, finished organic fertilizer can be obtained from the export end every day, and can form a cyclic fermentation process of fertilizer.

Reminder: Adding a certain star organic fertilizer starter before fermentation can greatly shorten the fermentation time of raw materials, improve fermentation efficiency, make fermented organic fertilizer contain more organic matter, and increase the utilization rate of organic fertilizer.