Chicken manure can be made into organic fertilizer, which is environmentally friendly and profitable!

Nowadays, the most direct way to turn chicken manure into treasure is to use the chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment production line, which uses fresh chicken manure as raw material and undergoes a series of processing to produce organic chicken manure fertilizer.

The chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment production line requires two steps to process organic fertilizer: pre-fermentation, treatment part and deep processing and granulation part. Biological organic fertilizer equipment requires fermentation turner, organic fertilizer grinder, drum screening machine, horizontal mixer, disc granulator, rotary dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, Conveyor and other equipment.

The characteristics of chicken manure organic fertilizer:

  1. The chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment does not contain any chemical components. Due to poor digestibility of chickens, only 25% of the nutrients can be consumed, and the other 75% of the nutrients in the feed are discharged with the manure, so that the dried product contains nitrogen, phosphorus, Potassium, organic matter, amino acids, protein and other ingredients.
  2. The main substance in chicken manure is organic matter, and chicken manure increases the organic matter content in the soil. Organic matter can improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil and mature the soil.
  3. Chicken manure not only adds a lot of organic colloids, but also decomposes many organic substances into organic colloids by the action of microorganisms, which greatly increases the soil adsorption surface and produces many sticky substances, which make the soil particles cement and become stable. The aggregate structure of the soil improves the water retention, fertilizer retention and air permeability of the soil, as well as the ability to regulate the soil temperature.
  4. Chicken manure can also multiply the microorganisms in the soil, especially many beneficial microorganisms, such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria, ammonifying bacteria, cellulose decomposing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria and so on. Chicken manure contains various active enzymes secreted by the digestive tract of animals and various enzymes produced by microorganisms. After these substances are applied to the soil, the enzyme activity of the soil can be greatly improved.
  5. More application of chicken manure can improve soil activity and biological reproduction and transformation capacity, thereby improving soil absorption, buffering and stress resistance.

Chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment production line configuration:

Turning machine-forklift feeder-new vertical grinder-drum type compensation machine-dynamic batching machine-double-shaft continuous mixer-mixing tooth drum two-in-one granulator-throwing circle Machine-Dryer-Cooler-Film Coating Machine-Granule Packaging Machine

Production characteristics of chicken manure organic fertilizer:

  1. Chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment production line equipment adopts a one-story layout, which reduces capital investment and is convenient for operation and control.
  2. The conveying equipment of the chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment production line uses belt conveyors and large inclined belt conveyors as much as possible, which not only ensures the smoothness of the conveying system, protects the particles, but also reduces the height of the plant and reduces the capital investment.
  3. The granulation method chooses disc granulation, which has wide adaptability to raw materials and large output, which improves the appearance quality of the product.