Brief introduction to the working principle of Tongda heavy industry water curtain dust collector

The water curtain dust collector is a wet dust removal equipment developed by our company. It mainly purifies and separates the gas containing dust particles by means of water bath and water forest. It has the advantages of small footprint, convenient operation and maintenance, large gas processing capacity, no pipe blockage, standard discharge, and no increase in environmental protection burden. It can handle high temperature and high humidity gas, reducing the possibility of gas reporting to the station until it is eliminated. It can be used as a matching dust removal product for dust-raising equipment such as dryers and coolers.
The working principle and structural characteristics of the equipment:
This series of dust collectors produced by Tongda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a combination of shower, spray and exhaust. If dealing with high temperature and high dust gas (such as drying of high humidity materials, sorting and processing of powder dust materials, etc.), a labyrinth dust chamber and a cyclone dust collector can be added to the front end of the water curtain dust collector to recycle the materials. If processing ultra-fine powder, activated carbon and filter cotton filter device can be installed.
The working principle of the water curtain dust removal system is to use the suction force of the induced draft fan to pass the dust-containing gas through a labyrinth dust removal chamber or a cyclone dust collector to remove the large particles for dust removal and recovery, and then send the airflow into the water curtain dust collector at high pressure. The water curtain dust collector has a multi-layer pressure-reducing shunt network and a multi-layer atomizing nozzle. However, when the feed air enters the dust collector, there are multi-layer pressure-reducing and shunt grids and multi-layer atomizing nozzles. When the airflow enters the dust collector, the gas flows from the bottom to the top. After being split by the mesh grid, the high-pressure nozzles spray the dust particles from the top to the bottom, and the dust-laden water flows back to the lower sedimentation tank for precipitation and separation. . The separated purified water is pumped into the dust collector and sprayed for recycling. The purge gas is discharged from the upper exhaust pipe.
Precautions for daily maintenance of water stub dust collector
1. In the water pipeline, check whether each water valve is tightly packed to ensure that the water valve does not leak.
2. For each nozzle, ensure that the water pump is normally filled with water, the water inlet valve is opened, and the water inlet pipe is unblocked; the nozzles are guaranteed not to be blocked.
3. For the water pump, ensure that the anchor bolts are tight; the water pump seal and the water pump coupling are in good condition.
4. Regularly check the electrical control circuit contacts and electrical components of the SMC water curtain dust collector.
5. The bottom of the dust collector cylinder should be drained smoothly and the sedimentation at the bottom of the cylinder should be cleaned up.
6. The dust collection tank of the SMC water curtain dust collector should replenish the water source in time, drain the water to clear the silt, and check the water inlet filter.