Brief Discussion on Types and Processes of Organic Fertilizer Granulators

The types and processes of organic fertilizer granulators are topics of concern to many people. The following organic fertilizer production line equipment manufacturer Tongda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will explain the specific content in detail with the theme of the types and processes of organic fertilizer granulators.

The main components of organic fertilizer are crop straw, human and animal manure, and it is a kind of green chemical fertilizer. It can not only fertilize and improve the soil, promote the release of soil nutrients, but also supply the nutrients needed by crops. It is especially important for the development of organic fertilizer agriculture, harmless agriculture and agriculture. The organic fertilizer production line is the most important among many equipments. Similarly, granulation is also a key step in the process of making organic fertilizer. Because the particle strength, particle type and productivity produced by the granulator can directly affect the quality of the produced product.

Organic fertilizer equipment disc granulator:

In the past, there was an old-fashioned granulator—disc granulator. It has passed the test of various materials, but no matter what equipment it is, it will have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, with the gradual diversification of raw materials, equipment manufacturers are constantly developing new types of granulators. Therefore, there are usually new types of common organic fertilizers, which have good product appearance and high production efficiency. There is also a new type of compound fertilizer granulator for inorganic/organic compound fertilizers, which can effectively solve the problem of material sticking to the wall, and the granules produced are also very good-looking.

Among the many organic fertilizer production equipment, the most used organic fertilizer granulation equipment mainly includes: disc granulator, extrusion granulator and drum granulator, among which the disc granulator is more It is suitable for the granulation of inorganic/organic compound fertilizers, and the effect is also very ideal. It is mainly composed of spraying system, support, granulation disc and granulation disc and other components. The powder raw material is transported by the belt conveyor to the granulation disc in the disc granulator. The rotating disc tilted at 50° drives the material to rotate. When the material is brought to a certain height, under the action of its own gravity and inertial force It will break away from the disc and slide down along the arc track to complete the rolling required for granulation. At the same time, the liquid injected by the spraying system will be evenly sprayed on the rolling materials to make them agglomerate into granules, thus completing the whole granulation. process, according to the principles applied in this granulation process. It can also be called agglomerate granulation process.

The granulator plays an important role in the organic fertilizer equipment. When selecting a granulator, it is necessary to choose a suitable granulator according to the requirements of the material.