Analysis of the problem of non-feeding in the organic fertilizer grinder

First, we must analyze why the organic fertilizer grinder does not feed the material. The analysis is as follows:

  1. The feed opening of the organic fertilizer grinder is not smooth, and the oblique opening is not conducive to the cutting. The straight opening increases the center of gravity of the feed and makes the material feed faster.

   2.Design problems, some manufacturers do not look at the appearance of the organic fertilizer grinder. The internal design will be unreasonable. If the rotor disk is too large, the size of the crushing cavity will be reduced. In addition, the rotor disk is too large and will be wrapped in circular motion. There are more materials, so the problem of unloading will also occur. Therefore, regarding this point, it is recommended to use equipment from a regular large-scale manufacturer.

  1. When encountering problems with wet materials, especially viscous materials, if the crushing time is too long, the wet materials will stick to the hammer head, rotor disc, and liner, thereby reducing the crushing cavity and not only reducing the output. , There will also be unloading problems.
  2. The problem of the size of the discharge port. There are many types of organic fertilizer grinders, with different output and different models. Therefore, the design of the discharge port is also different. These are all proportional. In addition, the Tongda Heavy Industry R&D and Promotion Center has a little more The user-friendly design is to add a plug-in board at the discharge port, which can not only control the size of the output, but also adjust the thickness of the fineness.