5,000 tons of organic fertilizer production line configuration

  1. Fermentation turning machine: directly put the materials into piles, and use a wheeled turning machine to ride on the pile for fermentation. Using trough fermentation, you need to build 15 fermentation tanks with a width of 3 meters and a length of 40-60 meters according to your production scale. The fermented product is continuously poured into the fermentation tank, and the turning machine is used for turning and fermentation, which can regulate water and stir. The purpose of uniformity, deodorization and dehumidification, which can save a lot of labor and achieve the purpose of fully decomposing;
  2. Crusher: sort out the large debris and stones in the sifted organic fertilizer and crush them, which is both beautiful and can ensure the quality of the product;
  3. Granulator: After crushing and mixing the material, it is granulated;
  4. Drying machine: drying and cooling the manufactured particles;
  5. Screening machine: sieving the fermented organic fertilizer, sorting out the large pieces and debris fibers inside, which is convenient for the next step of crushing, granulating and packaging of semi-wet materials.
  6. Packing machine: the organic fertilizer granules are granulated and directly packaged and sold.