4 characteristics of good organic fertilizer granulator equipment

At present, in the organic fertilizer equipment market, there are many types of organic fertilizer granulation equipment and manufacturers all over the country. What kind of organic fertilizer granulator is a good fertilizer granulation equipment? In short, an organic fertilizer granulator that meets the standards, has a high pass rate, has good coordination with the overall process of the organic fertilizer production line, and has excellent quality is a good fertilizer granulation equipment. In detail, good organic fertilizer granulation equipment has the following four characteristics:

1.The qualified rate of the produced pellets is high and the return rate is low. The granulation compliance rate of the organic fertilizer granulator can effectively ensure production capacity and save resources and energy. If the 100% compliance rate is calculated, the current compliance rate on the market has several grades in turn. The yield rate is 95%-98%. The qualified compliance rate of the product is a high-performance granulator, followed by 90%–95% granulation. The rate is the first gear, and the granulation rate of 85%–90% is the first gear. Do a comparison for these granulation rates.

2.The granules produced by a good organic fertilizer granulator have good hardness and moderate roundness. We all know that organic fertilizer raw materials are processed from relatively fluffy organic matter, and the processed particles are relatively fluffy. Especially the organic fertilizer particles processed by the early granulator have poor hardness and are easy to destroy the particle structure. After years of process improvement, many granulator equipment can now process organic fertilizer granules with moderate hardness, round and smooth.

3.A good organic fertilizer granulator has good coordination in the coordination of the entire organic fertilizer production line with other organic fertilizer equipment. The granulation sequence reaches a corresponding and reasonable level from the feeding, feeding and the upper and lower equipment, so as not to block and keep feeding.

4.A good organic fertilizer granulator also has the characteristics of good quality performance, convenient and simple operation and convenient maintenance. As a medium-sized processing equipment, organic fertilizer granulator is relatively simple to process granules, including organic fertilizer combined granulator, new organic fertilizer granulator, and roller extrusion granulator. The slightly more complicated granule processing operation is disc granulation It is said that the operation of the disc granulator is complicated because it is not easy to control the humidity of the material during the granulation process.

No matter what kind of granulator, the current mainstream granulators include organic fertilizer compound fertilizer combined granulator, new organic fertilizer granulator, roller extrusion granulator and disc granulator. There are also flat die granulator, drum granulator, ball press and so on.