Urea Crusher

Project Details

  • 400 (mm)
  • 1 (t/h)
  • <10 (mm)
  • ≤1mm(70%~90%)
  • 7.5kw

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    Product introduction

    Production capacity: 3-5t/h
    Matching power: 22kw
    Applicable materials: The urea crusher is a medium-sized horizontal cage grinder, which can crush various single fertilizers with a water content of less than 40%, and is especially suitable for materials with higher hardness.

    1. Urea crusher mainly uses the grinding and cutting of the gap between the roller and the concave plate.

    2. The clearance size determines the degree of material crushing, and the drum speed and diameter can be adjustable.

    3. When the urea enters the body, it hits the body wall and the baffle and is broken. Then it is ground into powder through the rack between the roller and the concave plate.

    4. The clearance of the concave plate shall be adjustable to the extent of crushing by the regulating mechanism within 3-12 mm, and the feeding port regulator can control the production volume.

    Performance characteristics

    1. This machine is designed according to the principle of impact crushing, inside and outside of two groups of cage bars for high-speed rotation, material from inside out through the cage bar impact and crushing.

    2. Simple structure.

    3. High crushing efficiency.

    4. Good sealing performance.

    5. Smooth operation, easy to clean.

    6. Easy to maintain and other characteristics.

    Working principle

    Before use, place the shredder on a certain position in the workshop and connect it to the power source to use. The fineness of pulverization is controlled by the spacing of the two rollers. The smaller the spacing, the finer the fineness, and the relative reduction in output. The better the uniform pulverization effect is, the higher the output. The device can be designed to be mobile according to user requirements, and the user can move the corresponding position when using it, which is very convenient.

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