How to turn medicine residue into organic fertilizer?

Chemical fertilizers, mainly containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, supplement the lost nutrients to the soil, thereby increasing crop yields.

However, with the frequent and single use of chemical fertilizers, it has adverse effects on the soil environment, and the soil lacks sufficient nutrients. Under the condition of organic matter, the soil aggregate structure is difficult to form, and the adhesion between soil particles is weakened, thereby reducing the water retention capacity of the soil. In order to solve the problems caused by the long-term use of single chemical fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers have appeared on the market. Bio-organic fertilizers have the characteristics of complete nutrients, long fertilizer efficiency and no pollution. The main organic fertilizers are livestock and poultry manure and crop straw, as well as green manure. , Meal, plant ash and other solid agricultural and animal husbandry wastes are used as raw materials to be produced through fermentation processes. Organic fertilizer not only contains the essential macroelements and trace elements for plants, but also contains rich organic nutrients. Traditional Chinese medicine will produce a large amount of dregs after the effective ingredients are extracted. Traditional Chinese medicine dregs are extremely safe and non-polluted high-quality organic fertilizer raw materials. Traditional Chinese medicine dregs are the roots, stems and leaves of plants, which are rich in organic matter, sugar and crude. Protein and other medium and trace element nutrients can be biologically activated through biological fermentation technology to produce high-quality bio-organic fertilizers rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine slag has great development value.

The dregs are mainly composed of raw materials containing plant woody rhizomes and vine stems, and plant fleshy rhizomes are the secondary. The dregs stored in the open air will cause pressure to lose about 20% of the water and flow out of the slag pile. The medicine residue still contains about 50% water. The medicine residue was crushed by a high-humidity crusher. The particle size of the crushed medicine residue is ≥0.5mm. The crushed medicine slag is piled up in a conical shape, and the pile height is ≥2 meters. It can be fermented with biological bacterial fertilizer starter, and the fermentation time of the material pile is about 15-20 days. Through visual inspection, the fermentation temperature of the inner layer of the pile is ≥40°C, a small amount of white mycelium can be seen in the raw material, and the fermentation material is mostly light brown with a small amount of black. The hand-held material has no moisture flowing out of the fingers, and the hand-twisted fermented material particles are hard, and a small amount of fermentation heat can be seen on the surface of the pile, so that it can be fermented into Chinese medicine residue organic fertilizer.